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Join UX Living Lab as Sales Agent

Join us as Sales Agent

We are looking for independent sales agents to distribute our software applications in various small business sectors like Schools, Hotels, Coffee shops, Salons, Corner stores and Boutiques. The agent should interact with small business owners in their area and sell the software.

Apply with your location preference. We will pay 20% of sale value as your commission.

FAQ for Sales Agents

20% commission for all products and recurring sales after realising payment from client

UXLivinglab is introducing new products based on their 25 years of experience in management and research

We are giving management solutions to tiny, small, and medium-scale business sectors

A free version is available with complete options for lifetime use under UX Living Lab brand name

Not available at the moment. However, we can discuss this on case-to-case basis.

Not for a specific client. But, suggestions will be incorporated in  future versions for every one

Education, food and beverages, construction etc.

Dowell have exclusive customer support center to train and guide clients

Yes, our sales agent app will provide all the digital documents for our sales agent including digital ID card.

We have an automated backup system for the data and a highly secured login process to restrict unauthorised access

A Digital meeting facility is available in the sales agent app for meeting clients.

Tie a knot with us !

Being a Sales Agent, you have to tie a knot with us. DoWell will give you opportunity to grow, invite you to show off in platforms as spokesperson of UX Living Lab and of course, designate you as Sales Agent in the global community

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Digitalise documents

Workflows automate a business process in a method during which documents, information, and tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

Scan to connect wifi

Don't disclose your wifi credentials... Share it in QR code. Shops, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Offices..... Protect your wifi credentials and share it using QR code Your users can scan QR code and connect

Digital Queue management

App for Cafes, Restaurants, Car Wash, Barber Shop, Financial Outlets, Supermarkets, Accessories Sales Outlets, Clinics....... your customers can book products and services online, choose their menu, options and have a virtual queue.

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